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Cost effective Render cleaning in Buckshaw village Chorley Lancashire

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Are you looking for a  contractor that carries out Render cleaning in Buckshaw village Chorley Lancashire?

We can help, we offer free advice and cost-effective k rend render cleaning solutions. Call us today, for Render cleaning in Buckshaw village Chorley

render cleaning in buckshaw village chorley

Cleaning Services Ltd offers a low-cost, high-value premium render cleaning in Buckshaw
village Chorley and the Lancashire general region.

Buckshaw Village is constructed from modern building materials. These Modern materials are often described as being virtually maintenance-free, however, in our experience, this is rarely the case.

K rend in particular, does need a basic maintenance program put into place to ensure it remains in good condition. Most k rendered properties are never maintained to any level. Cleaning service usually receives a call when the render is starting to become an eyesore.

Often, when the render is neglected for several years, cracks, stains, and lichen appear, and should the issues remain untreated, the render may become permanently damaged, requiring an expensive restoration.

Through over twenty years of experience, cleaning and examining many renders and stains, Cleaning
Services Ltd recommends that an immediate render cleaning be carried out once staining is visible.
We recommend this because, in our experience, once a render is stained green the issue will only
worsen with time.

Green lichen staining is relatively easy to render clean, however red and black
staining requires a much more intensive process and may permanently damage your render.
Because of the delicate and unique nature of the render, we only recommend a highly experienced and
qualified team, such as Cleaning Services Ltd. Cleaning services Ltd specialises in render cleaning and
offers its expert cleaning service on a wide range of renders, including K-Rend and Weber render.

The team is very capable and highly experienced in the render cleaning of domestic and commercial
properties in Buckshaw Village, Chorley and other areas of Lancashire.

The render within Bucksaw village, Chorley, is particularly susceptible to staining due to the design and materials of the house, as well as the area’s open-plan structure. Run-off is a common problem for the
houses in Bucksaw village, and this regularly causes the staining of render.

Despite Bucksaw villages’ access difficulties, Cleaning services Ltd maintains its own industrial
equipment, including Cherry Pickers, extendable poles and scaffolding, to ensure that not only is the
best possible cleaning outcome achieved, but that the cost of cleaning is as low as possible avoiding
high rental charges that would otherwise be passed onto the customer.

Today, we completed a K-rend render cleaning in Bucksaw Village Chorley, Lancashire. The
the building we were cleaning showed typical signs of green and black algae staining. These black algae
staining was identified by an experienced member of the team as Aspergillus niger, a type of fungi,
requiring a “softwash solution”- a special mix of biodegradable chemicals used regularly in our
render cleaning in Buckshaw village

We strictly recommend a highly skilled and well-qualified team to carry out Render cleaning in Buckshaw village. As an inexperienced team, this potentially hazardous chemical management process has a high chance of damaging the render, particularly the intricate K-Rend of Buckshaw village, should the chemicals not be treated correctly.

Furthermore, the team employed Soft washing (washing without the use of a high-powered pressure washer) for this job, due to the delicate nature of the K-Rend in question and the frequent damage caused by less capable
contractors in using high-powered alternatives.

If you have any problems with render staining, or if you need your Render cleaning in Buckshaw village Chorley

Do not delay and allow the render to become permanently damaged,

If you need free impartial advice about Render cleaning in Buckshaw village Chorley,feel free to call or use the link below.

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