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Restore the beauty of your building by powering away the dirt and grime

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  • Post published:August 7, 2017
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The weather can take a real toll on the outside of your commercial building, and if left for too long it may cause permanent staining. At Cleaning Services UK, we offer powerful, high-pressure cleaning services that can make your building sparkle again.

There is no job that is too big or too small for our team to handle. We are able to clean commercial buildings and industrial structures of any scale, along with many other types of worksites. You will find that our Industrial pressure washing services in Merseyside are just what your business needs to keep everything looking great on the outside of your facilities.

We offer our customers a whole host of benefits when they choose us – we have well-trained staff and all of the necessary tools/equipment, insurances and health and safety documentation needed to get the job done. We are able to deliver exactly what our customers expect and we are always happy to go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy.

Benefits when you choose Cleaning Services, Exterior Cleaning Services:

  • Each member of our staff is thoroughly trained on all of our equipment
  • Each piece of our equipment meets or exceed all industry standards for quality and safety
  • All of our cleaning supplies are biodegradable and our cleaning technologies are top notch
  • We guaranty our results will exceed your expectations

We offer 10 different services for our residential, commercial and industrial clients

Jet Washing Service – We offer a wide range of external power washing services for residential, commercial and industrial structures with both high-pressure spraying or low-pressure steam cleaning.

K-rend Render Cleaning Services – We specialize in the cleaning of K-rend Render systems on the outside of buildings. Our special methods and cleaners are accepted by K-rend and will not harm any warranties.

Business Building Cleaning Service – We have developed techniques and methods that allow us to professionally clean any type and size of business structure; apartment buildings, industrial warehouse, large or small commercial office buildings.

Cladding Cleaning Service – We have an extensive amount of experience in cleaning the exterior cladding of buildings. We use a number of different equipment depending on the size and scope of the job.

Driveway and Patio Cleaning – The driveway and patio of both residential and commercial businesses take a beating from the elements and by using our state of the art cleaning methods and cleaners we are able to restore the surfaces back to their original beauty.

Gutter & UPVC Cleaning – We can handle all of your gutter cleaning needs and save you time and money over our competition. We also offer to certify our work so that you can comply with any insurance requirements.

Artificial Grass & Tennis Court Cleaning – With the popularity of artificial grasses in our service area has to lead us to offer a specialized cleaning service that doesn’t do any harm to the surface while it cleans away dirt and grime.

Conservatory & Canopy Cleaning – We offer a unique cleaning service that helps to remove dirt, grime, and growth from glass canopies and conservatories. These structures are often hard to reach and make it difficult for the owner or operator to be able to keep them clean. We do all the work for you at a reasonable price.

Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Service – Moss and other debris can do a whole lot of damage to the roof of your home or building. Having it removed regularly will help to prolong the life of any roof. Our service helps to save you time and money over our competitors.

Concrete & Brick Cleaning – Despite being sturdy materials, concrete and brick can become colored and dirty from the elements. Our high-powered cleaning methods will remove the most difficult to remove dirt and grime without damaging the original surface.

If you need industrial pressure washing services in Merseyside, call Cleaning Service UK today!