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Need a Roof cleaning company in Liverpool ?  Anyone with a tiled roof will know what a struggle it can be to keep the outside of your house looking well presented.

We as a professional roof cleaning company will not only improve the appearance of your roof, but may substantially prolong the life of your roof tiles. This can  help prevent many serious issues caused by the growth of moss, lichen and algae.

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Moss can be a big problem for many people in the UK. This is due to the damp climate which allows it to flourish on roof tiles. Along with lichen and algae, it prevents the flow of rainwater across the surface of the roof. This not only causes more moss to grow, but can lead to serious problems such as water retention in the tiles. This in turn can lead to damp areas in the roof. It can also cause the roof tiles to crack due to frost penetration.


It is important therefore to care for your roof and prevent moss from causing damage to the tiles. We offer a roof-cleaning moss-removal service which will address this problem.


If you just want to remove the moss quickly in order to improve the appearance of your house for a sale, then we can use high-pressure washing for a quick result. However, our preferred method is a periodical cleaning cycle of ‘soft-washing’. This method uses safe, bio-degradable chemicals, which are applied at low pressure to avoid damaging the roof.


If you’ve been considering having your roof replaced as a result of overgrown moss, our service could be an affordable solution. Having your roof professionally cleaned will significantly increase its lifespan. It will prevent the need for the tiles to be replaced as a result of damage caused by moss, frost and water retention.

If you require a Roof cleaning company in  Liverpool  or free no obligation quote call us today on 08000933267.

We mainly cover Southport, Ormskirk, Skelmersdale, Preston, and Liverpool but often travel further upon request.