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Roof cleaning company in Ormskirk Lancashire

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Being in the cleaning business for several years, we are highly experienced when it comes to Roof cleaning in both commercial and residential properties. Although most of our customers live in Ormskirk Lancashire, we also offer our services nationwide and all across the UK.

To ensure quality results, we are a roof cleaning company that only utilise state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment every time we offer our service to our clients. Our promise is to carry out a hassle-free cleaning service with little disturbance to your business or family as possible.

In order to achieve this, we work based on your preferred schedule. It can be during nights, after work hours, in the weekends, and so on.

As well as roof cleaning ,some of the areas we are often hired to pressure cleaning includes the following:
– Tennis and Sports Court Cleaning
– Public Buildings, Hotels, and Restaurants
– Retail and Business Parks
– Car Parking Areas
– Cleaning Swimming Pool Surrounds
– Commercial Block Paved Areas
– Graffiti Removal
– All Concrete and Tarmac Surfaces
– Driveways
– Patios
– Plant and Machinery
– UPVC Shop Fronts

And many more.

Why Choose Us
When it comes to pressure cleaning, we are proud to say that we’re one of the most reliable cleaning companies in the UK, we are passionate when it comes to doing our job. We offer professional power washing service perfect for your exterior building cleaning. Simply put, we are the power washing specialists. In fact, power washing isn’t just a sideline service that we offer– it’s truly one of our specialties. We perform power washing with a focus on house washing, as well as exterior building cleaning.

For more than 5 years, we have been providing high quality, yet affordable and reliable service all throughout the UK. We are highly skilled professionals that know what they are doing– not some weekend warriors who only take your cash.

What You Can Expect from Us
We promise excellent customer service, because we believe that we wouldn’t last long in the business if we don’t even practice that. We make sure that our professionals are capable of doing everything to ensure a smooth and pleasant cleaning service. Nothing satisfies us more than seeing our customers happy and contented with our work.

No Surprises
Before we start, we make it a point to ask our clients what they expectations is and submit a proposal based on that. Likewise, we also try our best to fully explain everything, and this includes the condition of the item(s) needed to be cleaned. In such a case that it seems impossible to meet your desired outcome, we’ll explain why.

Timely Service
We are very punctual, and we show up on time. We don’t like making our customers wait. We’ll arrive based on our schedule, and in case that we’ll be delayed because of certain reasons, we’ll let you know. However, we can assure you that it rarely happens. We do everything, and even plan in advance so that we’ll be there during the scheduled appointment times.