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Professional cost effective Roof cleaning company near me

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Roof cleaning company near me seem to be a very popular search on google these days .The UK is one of the countries with a damp climate all year round. For that reason, roof tiles are susceptible to moss infestation if not properly maintained. Not only is this unpleasant to the eyes, this can also have a negative effect on your roof. Fortunately, this can easily be resolved with professional help. We’re one of the most reliable cleaning companies in the UK that offers roof cleaning across the nation. Likewise, we can also give you the professional advice you need regarding roof cleaning and moss removal service for free.

Why Is It Important to Clean the Roof?
Lichen, algae, and moss infestation on the roof can affect the flow of rainwater across the roof surface. This could worsen the issue as these plants grow where moisture is best, and they are also known for establishing themselves where the slates overlap. This can be along the lower edge of the slate, and other areas of the roof. If neglected, this can be a major issue, and lead to a number of problems later on.

What makes us stand out from our competitors is the fact that we offer a highly personalised solution to treat your roof. Other roof cleaning companies use the same old method in treating roofs, and most of the time, they don’t even pay attention to the root cause of the problem.

It doesn’t matter if your roof is composite, tile, composition, cedar shake, or metal, rest assured that we can handle that.

Being in the business for several years, we are already familiar with the huge differences regarding how roofs should be maintained. As a matter of fact, we believe that even the ones made from the same materials, call for a unique method of cleaning based on its characteristics, as well as its environment. To give you a better idea, here are some of the most common reasons behind roof cleaning:

– Moss: This is probably the most common issue in the UK where a full roof cleaning and treating is necessary.
– Debris: This can be hard to avoid, and should never be neglected as well.
– Algae: Although it’s not as common as debris and moss growth, it can also be an issue, especially below upper roof downspouts.
– Constant UV exposure: All types of roofs are prone to this, but cedar shake roofs are most vulnerable.
– Deterioration: After several years, roofs deterioration, and cedar roofs can rot or be infested by insects.

Common Roof Problems
– The growth of lichen, moss, and algae.
– Water retention, leading to damp areas inside the house
– Roof cracks due to frost penetration.
– Unsightly roofs because of dirt and pollutants.

Cleaning Process
Unlike other cleaning companies that utilise high-pressure cleaning, we use “softwashing” instead, as we believe that it’s more effective. Although you cannot expect instant results, what makes it preferable is that it thoroughly cleans the roof. Additionally, it’s also more gentle, especially on areas that easily get damaged. In situations where the roof needs moss removal, we can consider using high-pressure washing for fast results.

The Process
With soft washing, we only use a biodegradable chemical which is applied at low pressure to prevent damaging the roof.

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