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Manchester is the largest city in the Northwest, with the Greater Manchester area having close to 1.2 million homes combined with thousands of small businesses and commercial areas. All of these buildings have roofs that are frequently deteriorate in condition owing to constant exposure to the outside elements. Moss, lichen growth and general dirt quickly accumulate on roofs and take a serious toll on the aesthetics of the building, making it seem aged.

Cleaning Service Ltd has over two decades of experience in roof cleaning having both the equipment and the experience to consistently provide the very best results in the area. Across this experience we have been rated as offering the best roof cleaning in Manchester service owing to our low costs, effectiveness and efficiency.

Why choose us for Roof Cleaning in Manchester?

20 years has taught us the nature of the issues we face, we understand that moss growth not only poses an aesthetic problem but also a drainage issue that can permanently damage your roof if left untreated.

We also understand that moss growth issues are especially acute on the North-facing side of the building that does not get as much sunlight, providing the perfect damp and low temperature conditions that facilitate moss growth.

Lichen growth is another common issue and is usually visible as a dotting of light coloured, roughly circular organic growths that form of the face of tiles. Whilst moss growth is centred around damp gullies and crevices in the tile work, lichen growth is usually focused on the tiles themselves, being very visible from nearby roads.

Thankfully, a full understanding of the catalysts and causes of these common issues is the first step to full removal of the problem. We offer both a pressure washing service to safely and effectively clean roofs and a scraping service for weaker tiled roofs. We are fully qualified in the use of pressure washers and have used them throughout our twenty years of experience, using this methods on hundreds of cleans as part of our roof cleaning Manchester service. We would only suggest the scraping service the in the case of a particularly weak roof.

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Our Roof Cleaning Process

When using a pressure washer we use a circular Mosmatic device that is the best in the industry, powering away grime whilst posing no risk to your roof before we use a simple nozzle on the end of a lance to provide a tight clean finish. We also apply a biocide prior to any pressure washing that effectively targets and kills organic issues such as moss and lichen growth at the root, extending the life of the clean for longer than other teams can offer.

When providing either the pressure washing or scraping service we will use either a cherry picker or scaffolding towers to reach the roof. We have unbeatable access to equipment and we have never encountered a job beyond our scope so you can rest assured that your roof is in safe and experienced hands.

We also believe that a defining feature of our work at Cleaning Service Ltd is our flexibility, not just in how we carry out the work itself, but how we go about timetabling and communicating with you. Before we commence any work we will meet you to discuss your goals for the clean, any problem areas and your preferred method of service, whether that relates to pressure washing or scraping, or simply the use of height. We will always do our best to work within your schedule and to provide the most efficient clean possible so as to minimise disruption.

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