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Image of render & roof cleaning in Wigan Lancashire.

Bio- cide treatment for roofs and how  Roof cleaning companies in Wigan  use them

Keeping the buildings clean can be a tedious job. Many people ignore the cleanliness of the render or roof and it may develop algae, fungus, micro bites and different other types of growth. This can be harmful for the building. Not only the look gets spoiled but the damage caused to the property is also vast. Depending on the porosity of the building and other factors like wall, weather and wall insulation, the periodicity of cleaning the building is decided.

Cleaning the render or roof  is vital at regular intervals to escape from the damage as this will become a much costly affair in the future. A render cleaning or roof  cleaning company makes use of the right chemicals and equipments to initiate the cleaning process and depending on the type of contamination, the cleaning process is executed. They make use of the chemicals and equipments in a safe way. Thus, you get best results.

Step by step process for maintaining the cleanliness of render buildings or roofs :

Firstly, the type of contamination needs to be identified and depending on the type of contaminant the treatment will be decided. So, one can decide whether brushing is needed or spraying is necessary. The inspection will also conclude about the second visit if it’s required.

Secondly, Preparations need to be worked upon. If needed visitors will be restricted and  plants or grass in the surrounding area will be protected.This can be done with  with a light plastic sheet  so cleaning can be done without causing any problems to the environment.

Thirdly, A bio-cide product  may be applied which is a combined   biocide and detergent.

Fourthly, biofilm will be dispersed, Depending on the type of contaminants, exposure to sun or wind and weather cycles, this will vary and time scale will be worked out. For algae time scale will be few hours, for the black metabolites few weeks to several months may be needed as these secrete  discoloring agents.

Lastly, the remaining stains will be identified if there are any and appropriate treatments as per the nature and origin of the remaining marks will be done. The render cleaning or roof company will decide on this so your building gets a satisfactory  finish.

So, choose a reputed render cleaning or roof cleaning company today and give a unique and spectacular look to your buildings.

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