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RoSPA’s Impact on Playground Safety

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  • Post published:December 6, 2017
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If you own a playground, you are probably aware of RoSPA. However, if you aren’t, let us explain this organization to you and why it is so incredibly valuable to Playground Safety .

RoSPA’s vision is “life, free from serious accidental injury” and their mission is to provide skills and knowledge to reduce these injuries. The organization has been around for 100 years and focuses on safety in a variety of spaces, such as workplaces, schools and play areas. Their Playground Safety / play safety branch provides playground management and safety training, as well as frequent playground inspections. If you own a commercial playground in the UK, you are undoubtedly familiar with these playground inspections.

While they may seem like a stressful or daunting task, they are incredibly important because they are the best way to measure a playground’s cleanliness and safety. However, if you don’t maintain your playground, you could be in big trouble.

When RoSPA performs playground inspections, they look for the safety, cleanliness and accessibility of the play areas and the surrounding ponds and fields. RoSPA inspectors are highly trained and have world-wide experience, meaning they perform thorough inspections. When RoSPA performs a playground inspection, you also receive a form stating that your playground either did or did not pass the inspection. If you would like your playground to pass the inspection, we highly recommend you consult a professional exterior cleaning company prior to your inspection date.

Cleaning Service Ltd has experience servicing both commercial and private playgrounds and is well-versed in the RoSPA guidelines on Playground Safety . We have spent significant amounts of time studying the best playground cleaning methods, tools and products, with a particular focus on wet pour surfaces. Many playgrounds are built on top of wet pour, as it’s an effective way to keep your playground clean, safe and self-cleaning to a degree. However, when you clean your playground or wet pour, you must make sure the final product is up to RoSPA’s standards for Play ground Safety .

If you fall short, you could risk failing your inspection. Additionally, if you’re inexperienced with playground cleaning and you attempt to deep clean the playground yourself, you could cause serious damage. For example, if wet pour is improperly maintained, it can break apart or become clogged, which is expensive to fix. Or if you use the wrong cleaning products on your playground equipment, you could chip the paint. If you try to clean your playground by yourself, you could waste significant amounts of time and see no progress.

However, professional exterior cleaning companies who specialize in playground cleaning, such as Cleaning Service Ltd, are able to guarantee that their services will leave your playground sterile and clean with absolutely no damage. We can perform a deep cleaning of your playground and wet pour quickly, efficiently and for an affordable rate.

Give us a call today! Let us help you pass your RoSPA inspection and keep your playground safe and clean. You can contact us here  or call us on  Free phone 08000933267