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Signs a Tennis Needs Cleaning And What to Do

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Signs that a Tennis Needs Cleaning And What to Do


A tennis court that has been neglected not only looks unappealing to the eyes but can also cost a lot in terms of repairs. Often, it’s dirt that causes damage to the court’s surface, leading to unevenness and cracks. It’s for this reason that you need to be on the lookout for moss growth or debris collection, and seek the services of a tennis court cleaning company.

What are the signs that a tennis court needs urgent cleaning?
Leaves All over The Surface
Leaves and tree twigs on the surface of a tennis court pose a threat to the acrylic or tarmac surface. They may rot on the surface and break down the acrylic coat, leading to unsightly cracks that cause players to trip. The cracks also cause an uneven bounce of the tennis ball, making playing on such a court difficult.
Leaves should be swept away as soon as they’re noticed, taking great care not to damage the surface in the process. If unsure of what to use or how to sweep the dirt off a tennis court, it’s always prudent to hire a tennis court cleaning service from a reputable company. It’s safer than employing DIY practices you’re unsure of.

Low areas that show discoloured patches could be a sign of moss or mildew growth. Such patches cause damage to the surface and can also cause players to slip and fall. Moss covered surfaces are often the cause of falling injuries that happen on tennis courts due to slipperiness. Identifying moss covered patches and hiring moss cleaning services is vital, or you may risk closure of the tennis court by authorities for safety reasons.
Discolouration can also be caused by water puddles that occur due to low lying areas. The areas accumulate dirt and water, causing the colour of the surface to fade or change. They should be regularly cleaned or patched up to raise them

What to Do To Rid Your Tennis Court of Dirt and Other Debris
Immediately you notice a tennis court is a mess, the first thing to do would be to contact a professional cleaning company; that’s unless you’re considering doing it yourself.
The company will visit your premises and inspect it to estimate the price. They may need information from you, like when you last had it cleaned, or when it was built. You will then receive a quote, after which you decide whether to allow the work to go on or not.

The Cleaning Process For The Tennis Court
After giving the cleaning company the green light to do the work, work commences as per the agreement. The process may involve scrubbing the surface to remove grime and stains. Then they will use special cleaning solutions and pressure-cleaning to force dirt off the surface and wash it away. Direct cleaning is done if there are no repairs to be carried out, such as concealing of cracks, patching areas that have been scratched and are low lying, resurfacing or any other form of repair.

Quick action to clean a tennis court that’s covered in dirt saves your precious investment from avoidable damage. A tennis court cleaning service prevents the court from deteriorating to a point where repair won’t restore it to its former condition. It keeps it in a usable state and saves you unforeseen repair costs.