Soft pour playground cleaning company Preston Lancashire

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 Looking for a Specialised soft pour playground cleaning company Preston Lancashire?

Soft pour playground cleaning company Preston

Our playground cleaning company, Preston vans, carry the latest equipment for restoring Soft pour play areas. Each team member has undergone training and is fully conversant with dealing with problems from owning such soft pour play surfaces. Each team member has studied closely the “science” of how these surfaces become dirty and how to clean these soft pour surfaces with minimum damage or inconvenience to the owner.

In addition to their technical skills, trained technicians must also have excellent interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with clients or colleagues about any issues or concerns they may have regarding their play equipment.

Soft-pour playgrounds are very resilient and withstand continued use from children playing on them and the harsh weather we get in the United Kingdom. But even soft-pour play surfaces will require a certain amount of maintenance to help them keep performing as they should.

We can restore soft pour to perform and look on the day it was laid. We offer free advice to all of our customers on its care and we can also implement maintenance packages for the care of your play area once we have cleaned it.

We, as a professional soft pour playground cleaning company, have developed a specialist system that gently removes all grime and debris that build up in the pores and, at the same time, disinfects and revitalises the play area.

Most of the “dirt” that is apparent on these surfaces is organic matter growing on the surface; let me explain. As leaves and soil block the wet pour surface, it reduces drainage, which then causes the surface to remain damp for longer. Moss then starts to grow on the damp surface…this then starts to spread, causing the surface to become slippery and dangerous.

Along with this, we have to visit wildlife that can infect the surface …possibly causing the spread of germs. Along with the children coughing and sneezing, spilling food etc., These soft pour surfaces soon become a breeding ground for germs. Our process deals with both of these issues.

The use of cleaning chemicals at playground cleaning company Preston. The use of chemicals can be a tricky business. Not only are they used to help create the products we use and consume daily, but they can also harm our environment if not handled properly. That’s why it is vital to ensure that all the chemicals used are biodegradable and eco-friendly.
Biodegradable means that when these chemicals come into contact with the environment, like air or soil, they break down naturally over time without causing any damage or harm. This is an essential factor in managing and safely disposing of these materials. Being eco-friendly means that these chemicals won’t pollute water sources or introduce toxins into the atmosphere due to their production or usage. Ensuring this level of safety for our planet makes them much more viable for businesses looking to take steps toward sustainability initiatives.

At playground cleaning company Preston We work  to Rospa guidelines.

Who is Rospa? and why is it important. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, or RoSPA, is a British organization dedicated to advancing safety and health in the workplace, at home and on the road. Founded in 1916 as an independent charity with royal patronage, RoSPA has grown to become one of the most respected safety organizations in the world. With a membership base of over 40 corporations and associations across Britain, it plays a crucial role in promoting best practices regarding accident prevention.

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