Soft washing of children’s play areas

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  • Post published:July 22, 2015
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Soft washing differs from pressure washing / power washing in many ways .Softwashing uses’s low pressure to apply a cleaning solution.The solution will kill , mildew, algae, moss and clean airborne contaminants such as road grime . We use a product called Algoclear pro more information can be found here

It is generally used for delicate surfaces where high pressure cleaning can or will damage the surface. We are using this equipment for soft washing things like k rend render and house roofs.
We find that the results are longer lasting and far less damaging to the surface.

Today we were soft washing a children’s play area including the soft pour underneath them. Using soft washing to clean the soft pour not only cleans the area but also disinfects the area too. These ares are often the subject of attention form the likes of Dogs,Rats and foxes.
These are images of a soft wash we did in Preston Lancashire.

soft washing of wet pour childs playground in preston lancashire

soft washing a childs playground preston lancashire