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Experienced softwashing specialists. We can make your property look like new!

Very well established and highly regarded throughout the UK for expert render cleaning services, Cleaning Services Ltd, has offered high-quality, low-cost render cleans for twenty years with thousands of happy customers and enjoys a 100% satisfaction rate.

Soft Washing Solutions

The highly experienced and professionally certified team possesses an enormous understanding of the unique nature of each render imperfection, whether it be red or green algae, black fungus, general discolouration or any other issue.

Not only does the team understand each stain, they also understand exactly which chemicals to use to remove the problem.

The team recognises that an essential aspect of render cleaning is appreciating how delicate render truly is and how it is imperative to use the correct method for the correct surface and stain. This knowledge can only be built up through years of experience and ensures that you can rest easy knowing your render is being revitalised by experts.


To guarantee flawless results the team uses a method developed over two decades:


  • Survey, a service often neglected by less experienced render cleaners, Cleaning Services Ltd not only cleans your render, but seeks to identify the cause of the imperfection, this comprehensive service examines common causes of imperfections whether they be: gutter drips, damp, pollution and many other catalysts. As well as this, Cleaning Services Ltd offers advice on how best to prevent these issues from damaging your render again.
  • Sample testing, after a thorough survey the team will begin to blend specific chemicals and create the unique mix that ensures your render is cleaned to a professional standard whilst also being very carefully protected.
    • Cleaning, after the team agrees on the blend, they will begin to remove any imperfections present on your render, stripping away years of damage to reveal how it looked when new.


  • Protective Coating, following a successful cleaning the team will apply a highly specific protective coat to the render that will guard your render against air born pollutants, this makes the service preventative just as much as it is restorative, ensuring your render looks as flawless as possible, for as long as possible.

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Cleaning services Ltd not only offers this service on residential properties, but is also highly experienced at cleaning commercial render and well known for delivering excellent results at affordable prices. Cleaning Services Ltd offers render cleaning on any type of render. We are a certified K-Rend cleaner, but also possess an immense knowledge of many render types including Monocouche render, cement render, lime render and many more.

If your building suffers from any render related issues, do not hesitate to call one of the UK’s most experienced render cleaning teams for a free quote so you can soon enjoy your building as it was meant to look.

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