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Tennis Court Cleaning Prices That Won’t Break the Bank

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  • Post published:June 19, 2018
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If you’ve gotten to a position in life where you can afford to have your own tennis court installed… we’re guessing that you know a thing or two about making and managing your money!

That being said, every time you get involved with a new investment of major purchase, there is a learning curve in terms of both the costs and effort involved. It’s no different when it comes to having your own tennis court. Oh sure, having a tennis court sounds like a dream come true in theory, and that’s exactly how the people who market tennis court installation sell it.

What they may not tell you, however, is that the installation is only the beginning; the ongoing maintenance is actually the hard part of having a tennis court. Tennis court cleaning prices – at least, those quoted by some of the companies out there in Cheshire, Lancashire and Merseyside – can sound eye-watering… but if you don’t pay them, then you’ll end up paying more money for repairs to your neglected tennis court in the long term. It’s a real conundrum!

Fortunately, there is a solution. There’s at least one company out there, operating in Chester, Liverpool, Preston and beyond, who offer tennis court cleaning prices which certainly won’t break the bank. “Who is this miraculous company, who will spare me from all of my tennis court cleaning woes?” we hear you ask. Why, Cleaning Service Ltd of course!

We carry out a wide range of services here at Cleaning Service Ltd – from jet washing to driveway cleaning – but all of them, without fail, offer excellent value for money. This certainly extends to tennis court cleaning too.

Does that mean that we’re “cheap”? Not necessarily, although there are certainly more expensive companies out there in Lancashire, Cheshire and the Merseyside area. It means that we offer tennis court cleaning prices which are indisputably fair. Our evaluations for the work we carry out are tailored to your specific needs, and your specific tennis court, whether based in Chester, Preston, Liverpool or elsewhere in the northwest.

Those prices also incorporate our vast range of experience in tennis court cleaning. This experience is something which ensures both peace of mind (given that you’re putting your valuable tennis court in the hands of people who actually know what they’re doing), and superior results.

We can guarantee one thing for you: our tennis court cleaning prices pale in comparison to the costs of getting significant, extensive repairs on your court if you don’t get it cleaned! We know it always hurts to keeping digging into your pocket – particularly for something which didn’t exactly come cheap in the first place – but, if you’re truly serious about protecting that big investment, it’s the smart thing to do.

The bottom line is that Cleaning Service Ltd offer a service which is justified in its valuation, at tennis court cleaning prices which won’t break the bank. As we mentioned earlier, however, we like to get an idea of your specific job before we actually quote a price. To help us do exactly that, please get in touch with us today. Just email us at, or call us on 0800-0933-267.