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Tennis Court Maintenance…free information.

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Do you have a Macadam or synthetic tennis courts? you need to know this. Macadam or Synthetic  Tennis Court Maintenance information.

Carpet courts offer differing pile heights, densities and, where used, infill designed to create the playing characteristics you prefer and to achieve consistent performance characteristics. Your club probably spent a huge amount of time in research and a pile of money to install the ultimate playing surface – then assume that regular drag matting is as much Tennis Court Maintenance as they ever need. Not so…

Macadam and Synthetic tennis court cleaning

It is a misconception that artificial grass tennis courts are maintenance-free. Lack of maintenance can drastically reduce the lifespan of artificial grass tennis court surfaces.

You will be surprised to learn how many clubs have problems of contamination and poor drainage, and let’s be frank simple drag brushing post-match is like washing a car, it is not a service. Regular drag brushing helps keep the infill evenly distributed – it has a tendency to naturally migrate from the middle (high wear areas) to the edges. We have perfected  Tennis Court Maintenance with no damage to the surface.

A synthetic surface acts as a filter, trapping dust and debris as the water drains through. Over time these contaminants can clog. This filtering at the surface and means that the contaminants get locked in the top half of the court. I don’t recommend doing this but if you were to lift a corner and fold back the carpet, you’ll find the debris all found in the top half of the infill, the bottom part will be clean.

First warning signs are usually silt-like deposits (frequently to the outer edges of the courts where footfall occurs less often). At this point, specialist brushing will help to decontaminate. If left, and evidenced by pooling water following heavy rainfall, and slow to drain away, preventing use, Further deterioration occurs until the only course of action will be a thorough “vacuum” of the court. This usually involves compressed air systems to extract infills and re-open the carpet pile before being redressed with new sand. Although it can be expensive, it will bring the carpet back to ‘like new’ condition at a fraction of the cost of resurfacing.

Tarmacadam tennis courts are much easier and much lower maintenance, they usually have an “open” texture to allow good drainage – but not maintenance-free, power washing to remove growths, combined with a sanitising biocide wash to kill off germinated bacterial spores of algae and other biofilms – which aren’t visible, will ensure the courts are free of bacteria and dangerous lip hazards. Tarmacadam courts also provide an excellent base for future conversion to artificial grass or artificial clay.

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