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Reasons Why Tennis Court Maintenance is Important

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Reasons Why Tennis Court Maintenance is Important


Tennis court maintenance is essential if it is to stay in excellent condition. It doesn’t matter if it’s newly installed, or is an older court. It doesn’t matter, too, what type of surface it is. While some tennis court surfaces require more care than others, regularly checking for problems and fixing them helps to prolong the lifespan. As well as prevent costs of major repairs or replacement.

Tennis court maintenance helps in the following ways:
Ensuring Proper Drainage
Regularly checking the surface for debris and unevenness prevents puddles of water from forming. Water can cause damage to the surface, especially during the winter season, when the tennis court doesn’t get enough time to dry. . By carrying out frequent maintenance checks, problems of drainage get fixed before they worsen and cause severe damage to the tennis court.

Reducing Long-term costs
By finding and repairing minor faults, you avoid having to fix bigger and more expensive problems in the future. It can be as slight as sealing a crack, or patching scratched surfaces before they worsen and require more work and materials to repair. Depending on the type of surface, slight damages can be picked up before they grow to a problem requiring more time and money to control.

Preventing Slips and Trips
A tennis court that’s not well maintained will have moss or water puddles covering it, posing a danger to players. The players may trip on the uneven surface, or slide on the slippery moss and algae. Regular tennis court maintenance will eliminate moss even before it reaches a point of making the surface slippery. Experts recommend an annual cleanup of a tennis court to clear moss growth, but a  6 month spray with biocide won’t do any harm either.

Improving the Bounce of the Tennis Ball
Because proper maintenance of a tennis court ensures the surface is evenly level, the ball’s bounce remains right and predictable. It improves the quality of play both in terms of the players’ movements and bounce of ball.

How To Maintain Your Tennis Court
Tennis court maintenance involves simple things like sweeping dirt off the surface using a soft bristled brush or broom. You can also use water to wash debris off the surface, provided you know how to do it right.
Better still, you can contract a cleaning company to maintain your tennis court. Employing the services of a cleaning company is advisable because it offers you the advantage of knowing your tennis court is in safe and professional hands. A tennis court cleaning company will even advise you on the best tennis court maintenance practices.
In addition to receiving expert and risk-free maintenance services, you benefit from not having to employ workers to take care of the tennis court on a regular payroll.
The contract  with the cleaning company for your tennis court maintenance can be weekly, monthly or yearly; it depends on your budget or how regularly the court is used.

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