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3 Key Tips for Maintaining Tennis Court and Sports Surfaces

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Playing sports outside, like tennis, is a great way to exercise in the open air. However, if you own an outdoor tennis court or other sports surfaces, you know they can suffer from weathering, general debris, and overall wear and tear. Thus it’s important to know the tips for Maintaining Tennis Court and Sports Surfaces.

Whether you have a clay, grass, or acrylic surface, utilising a tennis court cleaning and maintenance program will enhance playing conditions and prevent long-term issues.

Here are 3 sport surfaces cleaning tips you can try today.

1. Remove Contamination

Tips for Maintaining Tennis Court and Sports Surfaces

There are several contaminants that cause damage to outdoor surfaces and require sport surfaces cleaning. Here’s what you should look out for:

  • Outdoor sports surfaces are susceptible to nature and wildlife . If there are any overhanging trees or plants, mold formation may occur. This can cause consequential damage to the surface.
  • Animal Waste. The outdoors are also home to birds, bats, worms, and bugs that can leave residue on your surface. Bird droppings are not only noticeable on a surface but highly acidic. The uric acid will eat at the surface material and impair the surface permanently if action is not taken.
  • Human Food Damage. Food and colored drinks should also be kept far away from an outdoor sports surface. Not only are they acidic, but can stain the court as well. Chewing gum is one of the hardest food items to try to remove from a court. Professional mechanical scraping is recommended to eliminate sticky substances.

2. Sweep and Air Blow Dirt

Sweeping and air blowing as often as possible are basic, low-maintenance ways to protect your court. It is imperative to sweep and air blow debris once a week to keep your tennis court in proper condition. If dirt, dust, rubbish, and debris are left upswept, it can gradually cause poor playing conditions on all surfaces.

The wear and tear of debris and erosion could alter the smoothness and surface angles of your tennis court. Just as the court’s material will change the way people play, surface inconsistencies will impact a player’s performance. In worse-case scenarios, unkept courts can even become a safety hazard and lead to injured players.

3. Hose Down Your Court

Hosing down tennis courts with water is another effective way that sport surfaces cleaning can get rid of deep dirt and grime. Hosing down an outdoor court regularly will prevent any build-up that was not caught from sweeping and air blowing.

Sweeping, lightly scrubbing, and hosing down the court will make your tennis court look spotless and overall more attractive. Pressure washing is also a powerful way to remove tough stains however the use of pressure washing should be limited.

A tennis court should be pressure washed about once a year depending on how regularly it is being  maintained. Gaging the pressure is important because too much can strip the surface. For best results, this should be handled by sport surfaces cleaning professionals.

Need Help Cleaning Your Tennis Courts Today?

Proper tennis court cleaning is essential. Unfortunately, you can’t leave a court unmaintained or nature will take over, leaving behind serious issues and expensive repairs.

If you need help with your tennis court cleaning, contact us today. We offer comprehensive sport surfaces cleaning and can get your court in playing shape immediately.

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