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‘Tis the Season… For Tennis Court Cleaning!

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  • Post published:June 12, 2018
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Tennis is a wonderful sport; there’s no arguing with that, and a few of the staff here at Cleaning Service Ltd are enormous fans. There’s also no doubting, however, that the nation’s interest in tennis clearly peaks at a certain time of the year. And… we just happen to be at precisely that time of year right now!

Even as we type, the French Open is well underway. Once the action at Roland Garros has concluded, Britain’s own premier tennis tournament – Wimbledon – will, of course, be just around the corner.

If you’re lucky enough to have your very own private tennis court, at your home in Chester or wider Cheshire, perhaps, we’re guessing that you’re already in the grips of your own annual tennis fixation!

If you’re a high-ranking member of a tennis club – whether in Liverpool or Preston, or elsewhere in Merseyside or Lancashire – we’re sure that court is getting pretty busy at this time of year. The fine weather we’ve been enjoying up in the northwest of England certainly won’t have hurt, in this regard.

Whatever the situation, that court absolutely needs looking after. And, given the costs that were probably incurred by getting it installed in the first place, it needs to be looked after in the right way.

The people whose job it is to sell tennis court installation often like to say that their courts are “maintenance-free”, but this is almost never the case. All manner of annoying things can spring up on a tennis court which hasn’t been looked after in the best way, like weeds, algae and moss. If left unchecked for long enough… well, those initial costs are going to get a whole lot higher if you need to get the whole thing repaired!

To look after your investment, you need professional tennis court cleaning of the absolute highest calibre. That’s where Cleaning Service Ltd comes in.

We like to think of ourselves as very much the Roger Federer of tennis court cleaning companies in the northwest of England. We’ve enjoyed great results throughout our career, seen off plenty of competition, and our tennis court cleaning skills have only gotten better with age.

Okay, all metaphors aside, we really do believe that we’re the best tennis court cleaning option out there. It doesn’t matter whether you’re based in Liverpool, Preston or Chester, or in the wider areas of Merseyside, Lancashire or Cheshire; the sentiment rings as true as Andy Roddick’s serve back in the day (that’s the last metaphor, we promise).

We’ve got a tremendous amount of experience in tennis court cleaning, built up over many years of consistently achieving excellent results. We show the care necessary to deal with such a valuable piece of property, but still go at the task with enough vigour – and using powerful enough tools – to get the job done.

If you haven’t already, then this is absolutely the point of the year at which you need to select a tennis court cleaning company and get them booked in! Here at Cleaning Service Ltd, we’d love it if we were your company of choice.

To get in touch today, to discuss your tennis court cleaning needs – whether it’s for a public or private court – just call 0800-0933-267, or send us an email at