Wet pour playground cleaning in Liverpool

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  • Post published:December 9, 2017
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Are you looking for wet pour playground cleaning in Liverpool ? If so we can help.

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Here at Cleaning-service Ltd we specialise in Wet pour playground cleaning in Liverpool Merseyside. Our team of playground cleaners are specially trained in dealing the problems associated with owning such surfaces. We have studied closely the “science” on how to clean these surfaces with minimum damage or inconvenience to the owner.

Play  surfaces such as  wet pour rubber or soft pour  in playgrounds are very tough and are built  to withstand  continued abuse from weather and children playing on them. But Even tough surfaces such as these require a certain amount of maintenance to keep them performing as they should We can restore wet pour to how it looked on the day it was laid. We offer free advice on it’s care and we can also tailor maintenance packages for the care of your play area once we have cleaned it.

We have developed a specialist system that gently cleans all of the pores and at the sametime disinfecting and revitalising the play area.

As leaves and soil block the wet pour surface it reduces drainage , this then causes the surface to remain damp for longer. Moss then starts to grow on the damp surface…this then starts to spread  causing the surface to become slippery and dangerous .

Along with this , we have visiting wildlife that can infect the surface …possibly causing the spread of germs. Our process deals with both of these issues.

If you are interested in Wet pour playground cleaning in Liverpool . Give us a call on 08000933267 or fill in our contact form here