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How to Maintain your Wet Pour playground .

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Maintaining a Wet Pour playground your questions answered .

A Wet Pour playground  is made of small rubber granules that are bonded together by a polyurethane resin. This mixture is poured over tarmac to create a rubbery surface. Many playgrounds use wet pour because it can soften the playground’s surface while ensuring its durability. If a child is running on the playground and falls, they might get a few bumps or bruises, but they wouldn’t be as marked up as they would be if they fell on concrete. Wet pour is often marketed as “maintenance-free” but we’re here to tell you that this statement is false.

The reality is that very few things in life are maintenance-free a Wet Pour playground also needs maintaining . If you want something to be in good condition, you need to give it the proper amount of attention. Wet pour areas are no exception. While wet pour may not require a significant amount of maintenance, there are a few basic tasks that must be done regularly to ensure the wet pour stays safe for children.

Remove leaves

Every day you should make sure that you remove all grass, weeds and leaves from your Wet Pour playground. When these items remain on the wet pour for too long, they can break down and clog the pores of the wet pour. As we mentioned, a Wet Pour playground  doesn’t require extensive maintenance- this is because it’s designed to be self-draining. However, if its pores are clogged, it’s unable to self-drain and will require extra maintenance in the long run.

Prevent algae from growing

When wet pour is unable to drain, several problems arise. A common problem is the buildup of algae and moss on the wet pour surface. When excessive amounts of algae and moss are present on the wet pour, it becomes incredibly slippery and can be a major safety hazard for children on the playground.

Beware of the Freeze Thaw Effect

The freeze thaw effect can cause extreme damage to your playground which can be expensive to fix. The freeze thaw effect explains that when a surface becomes saturated in water, the water seeps in and eventually breaks apart the surface material. With wet pour that is unable to drain properly, the surface becomes soaking wet. If the draining problem is not addressed immediately, the water will seep into the wet pour and cause it to break apart. This can be dangerous for kids on the playground, as well as costly to fix.

If you get your wet pour professionally cleaned, you will be able to easily perform your daily maintenance tasks. Cleaning Service Ltd. has experience cleaning both commercial and private playgrounds, as well as wet pour specifically. When we deep clean your wet pour, we fix any draining problems, rid the surface of any bugs and make it look like new!

When your wet pour is deep cleaned regularly, its life span is extended, which can save you money. On the other hand, if you don’t properly maintain your wet pour, it will cost you money. Which outcome sounds better to you?