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What’s the Difference Between SoftWashing,Steam Cleaning and Pressure Washing?

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Jet washing is one of the most popular services we offer here at Cleaning Service Ltd. All year round, we get enquiries and bookings from residential customers and commercial clients,  from across the northwest. Most are based in Chester, Liverpool or Preston, or elsewhere in Cheshire, Merseyside or Lancashire, people simply love jet washing. And why wouldn’t they?! It’s one of the quickest and most effective ways of transforming the appearance of any property, and getting it looking back to its best once more.

There are three main types of washing: soft washing, pressure washing and steam cleaning. Many people think that pressure washing and steam cleaning are one and the same (with power washing just sounding a bit cooler!). They are actually different services, however, as we’ll explain shortly. Whilst all three of these services eventually achieve the same thing – cleaning the outside of a given property – they go about it in very different ways, and are suited to different types of building.

In pressure washing – as the name suggests – the water is fired out at extremely high pressures. This makes it extremely effective at dealing with problems like dirt, mildew and mould, but also means it poses a danger to amateur users. That’s why hiring a professional pressure washing company is highly recommended, rather than taking the amateur route!

Steam cleaning is very similar to pressure washing, which is why it’s pretty common to use the names interchangeably. The big difference is that – whilst pressure washing uses water of a normal temperature – power washing actually uses heated water hence the name “steam” cleaning. Because of this, it can prove even more effective at getting rid of those aforementioned unwanted substances.

Both of those services use water that’s being applied at extremely high pressure. That makes them excellent for dealing with hard surfaces, but using them on softer surfaces is not a good idea, and can lead to significant damage.

That’s where softwashing comes in. With soft washing, the water is applied at far lower pressures than the other two, thus making it perfectly suited to cleaning more sensitive surfaces; those made of woods, or older buildings, for example. Whilst the water itself is weaker, chemical solutions are mixed into it which have been specifically designed to tackle individual surfaces and problems. Thus, whilst it may be the least “powerful” of the three, soft washing can actually have the best effects in some cases.

Here at Cleaning Service Ltd, we offer pressure washing, steam cleaning and softwashing. Even better, we’re equally proficient at carrying out all three! We’ve got over 20 years’ experience in doing so, on both commercial and residential properties all across the northwest of England, and have consistently achieved excellent results. That extensive experience, combined with the intensive training we provide for all of our employees, means we know exactly what type of washing should be used on each building or surface. It also helps us to subsequently carry out the service – whether it be pressure washing, power washing or softwashing – in both a speedy and safe manner.

Whatever the specifics of your commercial or residential property, and whether you’re based in Preston, Chester, Liverpool or elsewhere in the northwest, don’t hesitate to contact Cleaning Service Ltd. Just email us at, or call us on 0800-0933-267, to enquire here about soft washing, pressure washing or power washing today.