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Why Exterior Building Cleaning is Important?

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Is the exterior of your business premises portraying the correct image to your customers and staff? People usually would get attracted to clean and welcoming premises over a dirty and neglected building. This is where the services of a professional exterior building cleaning service provider come in handy. All you have to do is get the best cleaning experts and schedule cleaning sessions to keep your business premises looking good at all times.

Exterior building cleaning

Range of Exterior Building Cleaning Services

Render Cleaning

Due to wear and tear, as well as weather conditions, all buildings will experience some dulling effect after a while. Remember what it looked like when it was first built?  We can restore that “new” look. When you notice the growth of moss and algae on your building’s exterior, you should know that it is time to give it a thorough clean. The best way to do this is to have it professionally cleaned.

Our team of cleaning professionals can help you restore the exterior of your building to its lost glory. Using soft washing techniques, we ensure that all the dirt and stains on your walls are cleaned off and that future atmospheric pollution is curtailed. We also clean the walls with a biodegradable chemical wash that kills any bacteria and prevents the growth of moss and algae for some time.

DOFF Steam Cleaning

While some of our exterior cleaning techniques are targeted at normal stains, dirt, and atmospheric pollution, we also have different other techniques for stubborn stains such as those caused by graffiti. Using our DOFF steam cleaning technique, we are able to remove almost any kind of dirt from the exterior of your building. This cleaning technique involves the use of high-temperature water to soften stains before wiping them off. The good thing is that delicate surfaces can be cleaned with this method without any potential damage to them.

Gutter Cleaning

Oftentimes, commercial property owners forget about their gutters. Exterior building cleaning also involves checking your drainage system for any damage, clogging and doing small repairs to make the system efficient. Our team can handle any gutter cleaning job, from removing leaves and dead birds to disinfecting the system to kill organic pollutants such as moss, fungi, and algae.

Paint Removal

Applying a fresh coat of paint on your building’s exterior is one of the best ways of restoring your premises’ lost glory. However, one mistake which most people make is to apply a fresh coat of paint on old paint. It is advisable that you remove the old paint first and this may need professional paint removal services. Not only do we remove old paint, but we also clean the surface to make it easier for the new paint to look nice once applied.

Apart from these services, we also offer professional exterior building cleaning advice and tips to enable you to maintain your premises in tiptop shape. We also offer maintenance services upon request.

Why Choose Us?

Are you a business owner looking for ways to ensure that your premises, especially the exterior, look clean and welcoming? We are your best option. Our company has offered many business owners and property owners exterior cleaning services for many years now. We have the best team of committed and qualified cleaning experts who have experience in cleaning different types of buildings.

Our services come in various forms, whether you need someone to clean out the gutter or you need a render cleaning job. The good news is that we have the right equipment for each job, and we respond as soon as you call on us. Above all, we work with your schedule and ensure that your safety and that of everyone on your premises is safeguarded at all times during the cleaning.

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Finding a good exterior building cleaning company is the best decision you could ever make for your business. These services ensure that your business image is not impacted just because your potential customers feel like your premises are not up to the mark. Get in touch with our cleaning experts to work out a cleaning schedule that works for your business and budget.