Lune Aquaduct Lancaster

The job consisted of removing several  graffiti “tags” before an award ceremony was taking place.

The job was made challenging as it was set in a remote area with no power or water supply.

Being an aqueduct,  it carried the Lancaster canal, so special consideration had to be given to preventing any chemicals entering the water coarse. We used a special  biodegradable graffiti removal chemical that our in-house chemist had developed.

All the ingredients were completely natural and given to us by mother nature in a round about way!!

As you can see the results were astounding – none of the shadowing was left that is normally associated with graffiti removal.  More importantly no damage to the substrate.

before graffiti removal in lancashireimage of listed building after graffiti was removedimage of graffiti before removal in preston lancashireimage of bridge after graffiti removal in merseysideimage showing graffiti removal in chesireimage of graffiti after removal in manchesterGraffiti before removal liverpool merseyside

graffiti after removal in liverpool merseyside
graffiti after removal in liverpool merseyside