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Outsourcing Artificial Grass Cleaning Will Save You Time and Money

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England is known for its beautiful yards and gardens, but maintaining them can be a lot of work. 86 percent of British homeowners are making the decision to switch from genuine grass to artificial turf, because plastic grass looks a lot like the real thing and is much easier to take care of. While artificial grass is definitely a low maintenance option, it does need to be kept clean. Today, we’re going to share information about what artificial grass is, along with its pros and cons and why outsourcing artificial grass cleaning makes sense. Once you’ve gotten the inside scoop on artificial turf, you’ll be able to make smart maintenance choices.

Artificial Grass 

If you want a lawn that looks lush and beautiful year-round, choosing grass that’s crafted from high-tech plastic may be the best way to achieve your goal. Modern artificial grass is designed with the needs and wants of busy homeowners in mind. It’s amazingly realistic looking and even feels very much like genuine grass.

Advantages of Artificial Grass

This type of grass is family-friendly and pet-friendly. Children may play on it without risk, as it’s non-toxic. It’s also a good choice for pet-centered households, as it’s simple to hose down soiled areas of artificial grass lawns to clean them up, according to the website. As well, this type of faux grass typically has a very long product life of roughly two decades. Plus, it doesn’t require the same labor-intensive maintenance as typical “real grass” lawn does. If a perfect-looking lawn that doesn’t require mowing sounds good to you, artificial grass may be the way to go.

Drawbacks of Artificial Turf

This sort of turf tends to heat up quite a bit during the warm-weather months. To get around this, a lot of homeowners prefer to keep some real grass in areas that tend to get a lot of sun. They add artificial turf to shadier parts of their lawns. Also, it may cost a bit more to get up and running with artificial grass, versus real grass. However, the higher initial cash outlay leads to big savings down the line. It costs much less to care for non-genuine grass and it lasts for ages.

In terms of maintenance i.e. cleaning of artificial grass, you should anticipate needing to rinse your plastic turf weekly. When you spray the fibers down with a typical garden hose, you’ll get rid of debris and dust that builds up between rinses. One per month, you should clean more thoroughly, by getting rid of debris, dirt, leaves and dust. To do monthly cleaning, use a lawn rake or a broom that has hard bristles. Homeowners who have pets may need to maintain their artificial grass more often.

Outsource Cleaning to the Pros

If you want to keep your artificial turf in peak condition, you should outsource the task to pros who understand how to get great results fast. An expert will maintain your artificial lawn investment for you while you sit back and relax. Reputable pros never overcharge for their artificial lawn care services.