Render and k-rend information

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Render and k-rend information

Commercial properties and rendered buildings situated near the roads are prone to getting dirty. A lot of grime and dirt can accumulate on the surface of these buildings and spoil their look. A faded or dull appearance of these buildings doesn’t look pleasing and durability of the surface also goes for a toss.

Most of the buildings have render surfaces that needs to be cleaned in a particular way. If the cleaning is not done properly, damage caused to the building can be vast. So, how a render cleaning company can help? A few points are discussed below:

  1. Soft wash :

Some buildings are delicate in nature and a non aggressive soft wash cleaning system is useful to such kind of render. Once the cleaning is done, a protective coating can be applied to the render. Thus, the need of additional cleaning for 3 to 5 years can be avoided.

  1. Using self finished renders:

Self finished renders have become quite popular among the architects since past three decades. Many render cleaning companies make use of these products which is a practical solution and it is also ideal for architectural needs. These products need low maintenance, are smooth, textured with mica sparkles and suits the modern building constraints.

  1. Wall insulation service:

The use of wall insulation has reduced cleaning periodicity. It helps to reduce heat loss during cold weather. The spray applied coating system is made of best quality materials that go through rigorous testing before being applied by the render cleaning company on a wall. So, one will get high quality performance work done. This will also help in reduction of heating costs to the owner.

  1. Render with Silicone K1

Silicone K1 render is a water repellent that can be sprayed with most of the machines and it is cement based which gives an attractive and low maintenance finish. It is also a cost effective solution to maintain the cleanliness and durability of the buildings.

To clean the buildings a proper chemical or physical approach is needed. To minimize the risk of damage or corrosion, every treatment may not be suitable for the material of the buildings. A lot of care should be taken while using the approach and render cleaning company has the desired experience and knowledge to use the necessary cleaning method which will enhance the life of a building.
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