Specialist Service For K Render Cleaning

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Specialist Service For K Render Cleaning Services

Specialist Service For K Render Cleaning.Most of the external surfaces of modern buildings in commercial, industrial as well as retail properties are enclosed using the K-Rend colored render. This protective render is a cost-effective material and it does not take too much time to cover all external surfaces. However, one of the biggest problems with this surface is that it is subject to growth of moss and algae that stain the building and the building develops an unsightly look in a few years.
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If this is not treated on regular basis, the moss and algae buildup can lead to deep-rooted staining and form green, red or black algae. The surface needs to be treated in the right manner to kill the algae and moss spores and get rid of the algae stains.

The discoloration may also lead to further damage to surface of the building. This is the reason that property owners are advised to use the services of a professional K render cleaning company to kill the algae spores and prevent further staining of external surface.

One of the biggest problems with K render cleaning is removal of algae in a safe manner. Algae growth not only ruins the appearance of the building but these also grow within the brickwork that may lead to structural weakness and therefore, it is extremely important to be treated in the right manner.

Professional cleaning companies not only get rid of algae in a safe manner but they also clean the cement, stone and brickwork using specialist-cleaning products. The products used by the specialist companies are designed to kill algae and to ensure that the underlying render can be washed down in a safe manner.

Many local property managers or managers of commercial buildings make the mistake of instructing the commercial contractors to high-pressure jet wash or pressure wash the render to get rid of algae from retail, commercial as well as from large-scale residential buildings.

However, this is not a safe manner to get rid of algae as the surface needs to be treated with specialist cleaning material to kill the algae spores. Killing of the spores stops the growth of the algae and once all the spores have been killed, the surface can then be cleaned using low-pressure high-temperature steam to get rid of the algae stains and surface dirt.

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Experts recommend treating the render with specialist cleaning materials on a regular basis to get rid of the algae spores. This regular cleaning should be done every 12 to 24 months depending on the environmental conditions and location of the property.

High-pressure jet washing is not an effective method as it can drive spores and water deep into the surface, small cracks and joints. It can also damage the K rend surface. Also, it does not get rid of the algae spores which mean that after cleaning with high-pressure jet wash, the spores will continue to grow unabated.

One of the other problems with high-pressure jet wash is that the water can penetrate behind the K rend surface and the water droplets can become trapped there. This can lead to structural issues as the water droplets turn to ice in winter months and expand that may lead to spoiling, blowing or cracking of the render surface.

This cracking or blowing may lead to extremely costly repairs in the future. Therefore, it is extremely important to hire the services of a professional K render cleaning company to clean the K rend in a professional and safe manner.

There are a number of companies that offer specialist cleaning services for K rend but all the companies are not the same. It is important to research before you choose to hire the services of a cleaning company. First of all, you need to take a look at the previous work done by the cleaning company.

Most of the professional companies have a portfolio of the work done on their website. The portfolio should give you a good idea of the quality of work done by the company. Once you are satisfied with the quality of work done, you should get in touch with the company and ask for quotes.

While the cost is important, you need to keep in mind that quality of the work is more important as low quality work will lead to the growth of algae on the surface within a few months and all of the money spent on cleaning will go down the drain. Therefore, you need to choose the right cleaning company on the basis of their reputation, past work and cost.

It is important to keep in mind that one should never clean the surface using a power wash. In other words, water pressure will damage the surface and it will need to be repainted. Therefore, it is important that you hire the services of a company that is experienced in cleaning K rend surface with the help of environmentally friendly chemicals and that uses soft wash water to clean the staining and dirt from the surface.

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